ControlMate FM


The ControlMate range enables the outlet pressure of a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) to be controlled reliably and safely.

ControlMate-FM allows the pressure into a zone to be continually adjusted to any desired value, which is intelligently calculated by the controller according to the zone’s actual demand (flow modulation) or according to a pre-programmed time of day.


Key Features

  • Maximum potential water savings
  • Improved level of service to consumers
  • Continuously variable outlet pressure profiling
  • Eliminates pressure "shocks" to system – reducing burst frequency
  • Outlet pressure can be set remotely – no need to visit site
  • Optimise profile according to demand or time (eg summer/winter)
  • In-built pulse unit failure (zero flow) detection and automatic response
  • Modular construction for ease of access to controls
  • Fully compatible with Hydraulic Actuator
  • No external power supply requirements. Powered by an internal battery with an expected operational life of over five years

Sensor type

Inbuilt transducers: 0-10bar, 0-16bar, 0-25bar. External transducer optional.


Typically - 0.2% of full-scale range

Pressure connection
Quick-fit nickel-plated brass connector and push-fit 6mm connector


2 parts of 240m x 120mm x 85mm


Modular two-part, both stainless steel boxes with handle


2 x 2.5kg

Operating Temp

-10 to +50ºC (+14 to +122°F) avoid freezing conditions

Ingress protection

IP68 submersible


Battery type: Fully-sealed internal lithium batteries with expected operating life of 5 years or more