About Us

Allied Power Company Profile

  1. Company Strength
    • Solution integration for fault detection, network monitoring and data management on underground utility networks, especially water and electricity sectors
    • Focused on strengthening technical capabilities, especially in smart IT direction
    • We have a team of 12 people including 1 Project Manager, 1 Product Manager, 4 Technicians and other sales, marketing and admin staff
    • Our technical team has knowledge on electronic equipment trouble shooting, and programming skills on SCADA, Windows servers, Web, Power BI, VB, C++, etc.

  2. Business model
    • As revealed in the company name, we target to work as a strong binding and collaboration platform for suppliers, business partners, and customers

  3. Our Suppliers
    • HWM, including Palmer and Radcom, UK (www.hwmglobal.com)
      • Leak detection equipment, data loggers for water and sewer industries
      • Authorized agent for HK, Macau and China
    • Hydreka, France (www.hydreka.com)
      • Insertion and clamp-on flow meters
      • Authorized agent for HK, Macau and China
    • Sofrel, France (www.lacroix-sofrel.fr)
      • SCADA system and RTU
      • Reseller for HK and Macau
    • Sensus, Gemany (www.sensus.com)
      • Water meters and AMR
      • Authorized agent for HK and Macau
    • Xylem, HK/USA (www.xylem.com)
      • Insertion type leak detection solutions
      • Authorized agent for HK and Macau
    • Viking Johnson, UK (www.vikingjohnson.com)
      • Couplings
      • Authorized agent for Macau
    • Showa, Japan (www.showarasen.co.jp)
      • Flexible pipe fittings
      • Authorized agent for HK, Macau and China
    • Ion Enterprises, UK (www.scalebuster.com)
      • Scale removal solutions
      • Authorized agent for HK, Macau and China
    • Radiolocation, HK/Germany (Power sector)
      • Megger, Germany (www.megger.com )
        • Cable fault finding equipment
      • A-eberle, Germany (www.a-eberle.de)
        • Power quality monitoring and regulations
      • Reseller for HK and Macau

    (Authorized Agent is normally a sole representation of the brand in authorized regions. Reseller is normally working on project basis)

  4. Key Project References
    • Beijing Olympics 2008
      • 3500 radio patrol type Permalog noise logger were deployed on underground water network all over major venues of Beijing for leakage monitoring, with our technical trainings and skills transfer
      • The project is continued until now for big scale leak detection in Beijing city, with new noise loggers replaced in underground
    • World Expo 2010
      • Deploy and integration of Permanet GSM noise loggers in the underground water network of this event to Veolia's central SCADA system
    • Kun Ming 2006
      • Large scale leak survey by Permalog noise loggers and DMA study by hydreka's insertion flow meters. All with remote data transmission
    • The Macau WaterSupply Co., Ltd. (2005 to now)
      • Over 20 years of cooperation on supply of Palmer (HWM) leak detection equipments and Radcom (HWM) data loggers
    • Hong Kong Water Supplies Department
      • Supply of leak detection equipment (from 2005 to now)
      • Supply of Radcom (HWM) data loggers for WIN projects (from 2005 to now)
      • Monitoring of Water Mains (from 2009 to now)
        • Deployed over 1000 units of Permanet GSM noise loggers since year 2009 in HK underground water network for monitoring of leakage nearby busy traffic areas
        • This project includes daily data monitoring and on site inspection in response to alarms
      • Supply of Sensus smart water meters for wireless meter reading (AMR), with data integration (2017, 2019)
    • Hong Kong International Airport
      • Supply of leak detection equipment and noise loggers for underground water network (from 2005 to now)
      • Supply, integration and 7x24 leakage monitoring of water network under runway (2019)
    • Hong Kong Drainage Services Department
      • Supply, integration, and monthly monitoring of 100 flow and/or level loggers in different areas of Hong Kong for Smart Sewage Monitoring Project in 2019
    • Hong Kong Electric (HKE)
      • Supply and integrate Sensus AMR system in 2018 for monitoring of water meters for power plant operations
    • Hong Kong China Light and Power (CLP)
      • Integration of a-eberle power regulators and quality monitoring systems in 2018
    • The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technologies
      • Various smart projects on leakage monitoring and AMR from 2016 to now.