SpillGuard is the dedicated online portal for the monitoring and fleet management of HWM’s unique multi-level alert system.

Using Google Maps, SpillGuard provides a detailed map interface which colour codes the status of each individual installation. The three alert levels (green, amber and red) can be supplemented with user-assigned statuses, such as “site under investigation” or “alert cleared”.

SpillGuard can display general site statistics and trends, as well as specific site details. Individual users and reports are managed using an advanced platform which includes the option to forward alarm messages via e-mail or SMS.



  • Three levels of alert: green, amber and red; based on the angle of the sensor
  • Real-time alerts: highlights new events as they are detected
  • Map-view: compatible with Google Maps; provides visual representation of sensor locations
  • Detailed view of individual sites: provides:
  • current status with detailed metrics
  • ability to change investigation status
  • site information
  • installation photos
  • Data security: multiple security features including firewall and individual logins
  • Reassuringly secure: HWM awarded ISO:27001 accreditation for data security
  • Compatible: supported by most major internet browsers