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The 8” pocket stethoscope is a handy stethoscope manufactured with a stainless steel rod covered with a black P.V.C. sleeve and a red plastic earpiece.

The pocket type stethoscope is used for close direct sounding of pipework.

To compliment this device we are also able to supply a single or three piece stainless steel extension rod of 0.5mtr or 1.25mtr lengths to attach to the pocket stethoscope for remote or indirect sounding.

Vernon Morris

Listening Stick 5ft.-Hollow-2pc Bakelite E/Piese

The VM acoustic diaphragm stethoscopes and listening sticks give excellent amplification of sound, enabling the identification of possible leaks in the water distribution network. The range has been designed to give the user preferred choice of material, ranging from wooden shafts to stainless steel rod with a choice of ends such as wood, plastic, or nylon.

The high performance ST20 Listening Stick uses mechanical amplification for detecting and pinpointing leakage and has an acoustic resonant chamber for noise amplification.

The two segment plated steel bar screws together to form a 1 metre length. Additionally, a three segment plated steel bar can be selected by the customer which extends the length to 1.5 metres.

The listening stick transmits the leak noise vibrations to a brass diaphragm within the resonant cavity. The radiated noise is mechanically amplified within the chamber to improve sensitivity.

Made from chromium plated mild steel, it is suitable for basic level leak detection and ideal for individuals who may experience difficulty in differentiating between static and leak noise on an electronic listening stick.

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