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Specifically designed for monitoring industrial sites where main power and wire communications(dial-up or private lines) are not available, CELLBOX is a stand-alone SCADA RTU communicating via GSM.

CELLBOX receives and logs alarms, counts inputs and measures data, and also performs calculations and produces reports automatically.

Packaged in an IP67 environmental enclosure, CELLBOX contains an internal battery with several years of operational power.

CELLBOX is a low-cost, but powerful and ready-to-use solution suitable for a wide range of applications: sectorization of water systems, leak detection, remote monitoring and control of isolated equipment, etc.

 •  Sealed, submersible box,
 •  Battery-powered,
 •  Battery life: up to 2 years
 •  4 digital alarm and/or count inputs,
 •  1 analog input (industry-standard 4-20 mA for pressure, etc.),
 •  Built-in GSM modem.

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