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HWM-Online is a multi utility data monitoring system,suitable for monitoring and analysing utilities (water and gas) usage in commercial industries.THe system provides single platform access to data from any internet enable device.

The online reporting suite helps organisations gain a better understanding into their enery usage,enabling immediate and specitic investigation into exceptional usage,leading to elimination of waste and cost reductions.can be customised to include company branding.


   Key Features and Benefits

  • simple:Easy to use and highly convenient.
  • Cost effective:Can be used to identify exceptional usage in targeted areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Alarm:Enable prompt action to be taken to resolve problems.
  • Secure:Password protected access to read only data ensures that data remains secure and protected.
  • CSV export option:Enables data to be easily exproted into a spreadsheet or other document for analysis.
  • Meter reading:Statistics displayed as Mean,Min Max,and Volume etc.
  • Mouse over functionality:Enables graph data to be clearly pinpointed.
  • Google Map function:

    Pinpoints logger position to enable easy identifcation and location.

  • Fleet reporting option:

    Enables loggers requiring investigation to be identifiled quickly.

  • Map display:Logger location feature.


unique password and selects the required viewing period.Data is displayed in graphical and table format which may be exported as a csv file for further analysis.

Historical data can be compared with current results to identify sastage and enable savings to be calculated.

To safe guide security and keep all data secure and protected,the system permits read only access,meaning each user is only permitted to see the loggers that they are authorised to see.

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