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Viking Johnson has been supplying high quality pipe products to the international water, gas and industrial markets for more than 70 years. During that time the company has become a world leader in the supply of pipe couplings and repair products with customer satisfaction always at the forefront of company policy.
Viking Johnson operates and maintains a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001, and an environmental policy accredited to ISO 14001

The benefits The Viking Johnson pipe jointing system for plain-ended pipes is used throughout the world due to the benefits and advantages it gives to the designers, installers and end users, together with the substantial savings which are made on installation costs.
Save costs

    • No special skills or equipment required
    • Assembled in all weathers
    • Assembled in narrow trenches
    • No mess (jointing paste, welding slag)
    • Installed on plain ended pipe
    • Rilsan coated (eliminates additional on site wrapping)
    • QuickFit design (ready assembled, speeds installation)
    • Comprehensive range
    • Available DN15 to greater than DN5000 (1/2" to 200")
    • Suits most pipe materials
    • Coupling pressure rating equals or exceeds that of pipe
    • Reliability
    • Over 70 years worldwide experience
    • Designed to last the life of the pipeline
The Application

Koraimat, Egypt

Viking Johnson couplings are in use throughout the world in a variety of applications, some large and impressive, others small but often very important since they solve problems economically and effectively. A few such applications are shown here.

720mm Viking Johnson couplings joining G.R.P. pipe as part of a water supply augmentation scheme for the Red Sea resort of Hurghada.

Offshore Supply Vessel
Viking Johnson DN100 (4") QuickFit coupling for the steel pipe installed on fire and deckwash line on offshore supply vessel ‘Stirling Esk’ built by Cochranes Shipbuilders, Selby

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