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In order to meet the expectations of Telemetry and SCADA users, S550 draws on new technologies, and is adaptable to all applications by virtue of its modularity and scalability.

  • More user-friendly...

S550 makes data easily available, thanks in particular to an interactive graphical display built into its front panel and to its infrared port that allows it to communicate with Pocket PCs. Making optimum use of Windows features and thanks to its highly user-friendly graphical interface, the Softools configuration software allows intuitive Remote Terminal Unit configuration.

Data can be processed locally on the interactive graphical display:

 • Current data statuses,
 • Curve tracing,
 • Alarm display and acknowledgement,
 • Definition of setpoints and time periods,
 • Hardware diagnostics.

Whether locally or remotely, using a simple Web browser, users can view data in the form of alarm logs and historical values, performing transfers to Excel as required. All of these features, in addition to report generation, process control programs and the SMS and Voice server, make S550 an all-round high-performance tool for technical site Telemetry and SCADA.

 • The modularity choice...

S550, like the S50 range, is based on a system of rack-mounted boards, providing users with the ideal solution, both in terms of the number of inputs / outputs and of communication method.

 • 1000 data
 • Input-output boards: DI (8), AI (4), DO (4), AO (4),
 • Communication boards: PL modem, PSTN, GSM, Radio, Serial links, Ethernet board, etc.
 • Communication with PLCs, controllers, meters, etc.
 • Inter-RTU communications

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