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Pressure control is the simplest and most immediate method of saving water and reducing leakage. The requirement for pressure changes during the day and night, and by controlling the pressure at the peak times, huge water savings can be made. For example, the demand for pressure is likely to be highest when people are getting up in the morning and lowest in the middle of the night when people are sleeping. An effective pressure control strategy will help to save water by reducing pressure when demand is low (e.g. at night) whilst reducing the quantity of water lost through leakage. Pressure controlling equipment can also help to extend asset life and reduce burst frequency, whilst providing a more consistent service to the customer.


HWM's range of Palmer pressure controllers are designed to maintain optimum performance and longevity of the water network by controlling pressure in response to the changing demand for water throughout the day.


Hydraulic Actuator - Accurate, reliable interface between the controller and the PRV. When fitted to the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), this patent pending device enables repeatable control of the outlet pressure.

ControlMate 2 - enables pressure into a zone to be switched between two pre-set values ("low" and "high") according to the demand (flow rate) or time of day. It is easy to use, self contained and produces immediate water savings.

ControlMate-FM - enables pressure into a zone to be continually adjusted to any desired value, which is intelligently calculated by the controller according to actual demand (flow modulation) or according to a pre-programmed time of day.

ControllerCom - provides high visibility reporting of logged data and remote programming for ControlMate pressure controllers.

Si-Clops This intelligent pressure control system integrates ControlMate FM, ControllerCom and a critical point data logger to provides closed loop "self-learning" flow modulated control. Control parameters are automatically optimised against logged data fed from the critical point logger to optimise pressure at the critical point, thereby maximizing water savings.

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