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MultiLog LX
MultiLog LX is the mid range data logger having One or two digital flow input capabilities, with a internal pressure sensor option. One 4 pin military input connector is factory configured for either: 1 Bidirectional digital flow input, or 2 single direction digital flow inputs for monitoring flow in pipes.
Advanced SMS data compression techniques enable one daily SMS to download data from two channels of 15 minute sample rate recordings.
SMS telemetry can successfully operate in poor signal strength locations where more advanced "GSM data" communications may be difficult.

Typical Applications

District and Zone Monitoring

MultiLog LX is ideal for monitoring flow and/or pressure to assess demand, leakage and conformance.

Atplas Box compatible
MultiLog LX is designed to fit inside very shallow Atplas box installation, either secured near top with flange, or allowed further down by rotating the body.

Key Account Customers
MultiLog LX confirms levels of service and enables data to be provided to key customers, including real time telemetry links.

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