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MultiLog GPRS
MultiLogGPRS is an innovative cellular telemetry logger capable of downloading its data to a PC or centralised server, by sending an email directly from the logger. The receiving PC only requires an email account, either a local Outlook or a server based Exchange email account, and does not need a dedicated modem to collect data from loggers. No special email system is required.Like our other cellular telemetry loggers it is suitable for applications where cabled Telephone lines are costly or prohibitive.

Typical Applications

District and Zone Monitoring

MultiLogGPRS is ideal for monitoring flow, pressure and or water quality parameters to assess demand, leakage and conformance.

Network Analysis Investigations
MultiLogGPRS can be used to perform dynamic flow & pressure analysis of network models, particularly where hourly data updates can be useful for near real time monitoring.

Key Account Customers
MultiLogGPRS confirms levels of service and enables extra data to be provided to key customers

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