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MultiLog is the most comprehensive, advanced and flexible data logger yet. It can be supplied with up to four inputs for monitoring any combination of digital or analogue signals.
Cellular telemetry versions are available with additional battery capacity, to provide 2, 4 or 10 hour/day "Power windows", for Loggers to receive calls from office PC/server, or mobile phone.
MultiLog is completely water proof, fully battery powered and will require no maintenance for at least five years.

Typical Applications

District and Zone Monitoring

MultiLog is ideal for monitoring flow, pressure and or water quality parameters to assess demand, leakage and conformance

Network Analysis Investigations
MultiLog can perform dynamic flow & pressure analysis of network models together with the facility to investigate unusual events with "fast sampling".

Key Account Customers
MultiLog confirms levels of service and enables data to be provided to key customers, including real time telemetry links.

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