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Flow is used to determine consumption, either from consumers or supply to a particular part of the network. By knowing network supply and consumer consumption, water loss in the distribution network can be calculated. Flow changes over time can also indicate water loss.

Flow meters are also used to set up a District Metered Area (DMA). A DMA is an area of between 500 and 3000 properties into which water can be measured and analysed to determine the level of leakage. This is called leakage monitoring, and should be introduced in order for leak localising to be truly effective. Each DMA requires a defined and permanent boundary, and flowmeters are used to record the flow into each zone.

HWM supplies two types of advanced flow meter to monitor water flow in the network.

Insertion Flow Meter

Temporary or permanently installed Insertion flow meters can provide a highly economic flow monitoring solution. They are also useful as a portable survey tool where occasional measurement is needed at many points. Insertion and removal can be carried out without supply disruption.

The HydrINS electromagnetic insertion flow meter is one of the most accurate flow and pressure measuring devices available on the market, particularly at low flows. Designed for use in survey applications such as leakage monitoring and network analysis, the HydrINS II is available with an optional display panel and features advanced processing techniques to provide high accuracy even at low flow rates. The flow meter comes with an on board micro-controller to enable a wide variety of sampling options to be set up.

Probes can be supplied in 4 different insertion lengths depending on the pipe size, and can be quickly connected to computer devices, external loggers or SCADA systems. The device can operate using mains or battery power. Two site replaceable batteries provide 30 months battery power logging at 30 second samples. The head is 100% watertight and programmable to give spot values and totalised readings in forward or reverse direction.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Non-invasive, ultrasonic flow meters offer multiple benefits in many applications. By using ultrasonic transducers clamped to the outside of pipework, there is no disruption of flow or service downtime.

Ultrasonic flowmeters use transit time technology (also known as 'time of flight'). The principle behind this method of flow measurement is that acoustic waves are emitted from one of the transducers to the other side of the pipe and back to the second transducer and the time taken for the signal to travel is stored. This process is then reversed with a signal being sent from the second transducer being received by the first. The differential transit time of the synchronised signals is proportional to the flow rate of fluid through the pipe.

The ChronoFLO clamp on transit time flow meter uses advanced digital technology to achieve stable non invasive flow measurements even in difficult conditions and on most pipe materials. Highly accurate even at low flows, the flow meter features a built in data logger, a long battery life (80 hours) and can run on mains power if a permanent installation in required. ChronoFLO has no contact with the fluid in the pipe so is suitable for drinking water and effluents. It features an LCD screen which displays flow rate in both directions. It is easy to install with no loss of pressure or risk of leakage, and can be used on a wide range of pipe sizes

Minimum Night Flow Monitor
Leak Frog is a low cost monitoring device that, when connected to a pulsed output meter overnight displays the maximum time interval between pulses. This identifies unexpected water usage during the night that may be caused by leakage.
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