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When a liquid under pressure escapes from a pipeline it creates a sound pressure wave (leak noise) which travels along the pipe from the exit point.

The velocity at which the sound travels within the pipe depends mainly on the pipe diameter and material. Most leak correlators will use two sensors which are attached to the pipe on either side of the leak point.

To perform a correlation the user will input the distance between the two sensors, and the pipe material (if known) into the base unit. Each sensor records the sound and transmits this data to a base unit, which measures the time difference between the leak noise signals arriving at each sensor. From this data, the base unit can calculate the precise location of the leak.


Palmer developed the worlds first correlator over thirty years ago and we have continuously improved our technology ever since. Together with the Radcom SoundSens "i" correlating loggers, the Palmer range of MicroCorr®, DigiCALL® and MicroCALL correlators are used successfully throughout the world and enjoy an excellent reputation for accuracy and reliability.

Our latest correlator, the MicroCorr Touch® features high quality long range radio transmission and new "best in class" sensors. These are combined with a high visibility full colour VGA touch screen for simple data entry and clear graphical display. The base station is equipped with sophisticated software that includes preset pipe material settings and an innovative tri correlation mode. The result is a compact and easy to use system that delivers the best all round performance at a highly competitive price.
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