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Noise Logger / GSM Noise Logger

Palmer's noise loggers enable water companies to quickly identify leak areas within their water network. This includes the Permalog+ leak noise logger, PermaNet GSM/SMS loggers and MAST II portable step tester. ...more


Leak Noise Correlator

Our market leading range of leak correlators including MC7, DigiCall+, MicroCorr+, MicroCorr Touch, Soundsens i, Hydrophones are used to determine the exact position of a leak prior to digging, by leak noise correlation....more


Electronic Ground Microphone

Electronic ground microphones and listening sticks are designed to amplify the noise generated by water escaping from buried supply pipes under pressure. They are particularly useful to confirm the precise location of a leak following a correlation and prior to digging....more


Mechanical Listening Stick

Our high performance Listening Stick uses mechanical amplification for detecting and pinpointing leakage and has an acoustic resonant chamber for noise amplification.....more


Pressure Control / Actuator

Our pressure control equipment automatically adjusts water pressure in the network in response to changing demand throughout the day. This saves water, reduces leakage and extends asset life....more


Minimum Night Flow

Portable flow meters and loggers are used to determine the quantity of water entering a particular part of the network. By finding minimum night flow or comparing network supply with customer consumption, water losses can be calculated....more

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