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Clean, good-tasting tap water flows to your home in stainless steel piping. We specially designed our stainless corrugated pipe as a pliable, vibration-resistant pipe that bends easily by hand. Our "Act Pipe" water supply unit was a pioneer in this regard. A vast number of municipalities use Act Pipe for the pipelines which connect buried conduits to the water meters in households. Act Pipe and the stainless products connected to it bring you "water of comfort"—sanitary, pleasant-tasting drinking water supplied safely and conveniently.
As you may have read in the papers or seen on TV after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 or the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake of 2005, water pipes are an infrastructure sensitive to earthquake disasters. Act Pipe and our other products for water service systems resist the impacts of earthquakes and other disasters with outstanding strength and resilience. You can rely on these products to bring you essential water even after a disaster.


Feature 1: Easy, handy, and lightweight

Act Pipe can be easily bent by hand. The pliability of the pipe drastically improves the efficiency of piping works and reduces the risk of underground water leaks by reducing the number of joints, i.e., locations for screwing the pipe in, during installation. Act Pipe is thin and stainless, which makes it extremely light and durable—ideal properties for piping works.


Feature 2: High durability and track records of adoption

SUS316, the main material of Act Pipe, confers outstanding corrosion resistance. Act Pipe also guarantees the delivery of sanitary drinking water by preventing the dissolution of hazardous substances in red water, etc. Our vertical integration from design to production has pushed up the standards for both quality and productivity since the development of Act Pipe. This helps explain why so many municipalities have selected Act Pipe since its adoption in 1982.


Stainless steel products are ductile yet strong. Flexible tubes and expansion pipes made of stainless steel are the best solutions for water piping, a lifeline infrastructure. We sell a vast selection of products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. You can depend upon our products to deliver clean water to end users.


Expansion pipe for waterworks

Expansion pipes are installed in between the inlet of conduit and the piping around your house to protect the conduit. The welded integrated structure ensures high air-tightness, while the absence of joints minimizes water leakage. Our products satisfy the requirements of central and local governments for protecting lifelines from expansion and compaction due to earthquakes, land subsidence, and heat.


Flexible pipe for waterworks (underground)

Our flexible pipes are used mainly in front of the water meter, where the piping rises from underground. Stainless steel tubes can be bent tightly (small bending radius) in very narrow places to facilitate connection with other pipes of different kinds. The high workability and ease of installation of this product are outstanding.


Special fittings for leak prevention

We provide patches to cover the joints of leaking pipes or decrepit pipes susceptible to leakage in urban areas, industrial zones, and other places where pipes are difficult to repair. Patches reduce maintenance costs, as leak points can be mended without disrupting water supply.

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