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Athenea Chlorine Analyser

Athenea is an autonomous chlorine analyser for the Water Distribution network.  It provides regular continuous monitoring and sends automatically via GSM telemetry, thereby reducing the need for time consuming and costly on site "spot" testing.  The amperometric chlorine analyser allows continuous chlorine monitoring at specific points in the distribution network without the need for external electrical power, and the system uses low power consumption electronics in order to optimise battery life.

The unit makes use of sophisticated pH and temperature monitoring devices integrated within the Athenea to attain greater accuracy levels than other systems employing amperometic technology alone. It has also been configured so that it requires minimal calibration with long term reliability.  Calibration of the unit can be made via a PC with an easy to use graphical interface.

Athenea is connected to a HWM MultiLog Datalogger to provide GSM/SMS communication capabilities.  This enables the user to receive early warning of dosage problems between scheduled spot tests, thereby improving response times. Additional telemetry options are available upon request.

Athenea is IP68 submersible and comes  equipped with military connectors, making it suitable for a cabinet installation.

 Key Features

-Enables continuous chlorine monitoring at specific points in the distribution network without the requirement for electrical power.

-Integrated pH and temperature monitoring gives greater accuracy for amperometric technology.

-Minimal calibration required with long term reliability.

-Easy to use graphic calibration interface via PC.

-Low power consumption electronics optimizing battery life.

-GSM/SMS communication.

-Transmits and generates data and alarms.

-Open protocol that can be integrated into any Scada system.

-IP68 rating.

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