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Ultrasonic Level Sensors with Logger

Our ultrasonic level sensors are used for non-contact level sensing of water, highly viscous liquids and bulk solids. They are widely used in water treatment applications for pump control and open channel flow measurement, with local logging or remote transmission through GPRS/GSM/SMS ...more


Overflow Monitoring

When water reaches the overflow sensor inside the chamber, alarms will be sent to control centre via GPRS/GSM/SMS for awareness and actions....more


Ultrasonic Doppler Flow / Velocity Meter Combined with Level Sensor

Doppler flow meter measures and records flows for open channels and part-filled pipes. Combined with water level sensor, the data can be recorded locally in the logger or transmit regularly to remote office by GPRS/GSM/SMS with alarm function....more


Rain Gauge

We have rain gauges of different capacity with data logging and transmission capability. Applications include rain intensity measurement, precaution alerts to pumping station, waste water and rainfall survey, etc .....more


Water Sampler

Our pressure control equipment automatically adjusts water pressure in the network in response to changing demand throughout the day. This saves water, reduces leakage and extends asset life....more


Water Quality Monitoring

Self stable buoy monitors water quality in reservoir, river, etc. for conductivity, salinity, ORP, PH, O2 or turbidity. The data can be transmitted by RF radio or GSM ....more


H2S Odor Sensor

The Odalog sensor is used to measure the sulphuretted hydrogen (H2S) concentration in sewage works or systems. A version with a 4-20 mA output is available for situations in which continuous value measurement is required. ....more


Athenea Chlorine Monitoring System

The amperometric chlorine analyser allows continuous chlorine monitoring at specific points in the water distribution network without the need for external electrical power, and the system uses low power consumption electronics in order to optimise battery life. The data can be stored or transmitted through GSM/GPRS with alarm function....more



ION ScaleBuster prevents scales from building up in water pipes as well as removing those already inside, in a range of hundreds of meters with no power and chemical needed. This prevents odor, corrosion, flow problems, and increase efficiency and lifetime of connected facilities. .....more

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