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Allied Power (Beijing) Technology LTD, the professional Supplier of water analysis,remote network monitoring system and an intelligent leakage alarming system on water supply networks management . As the agent of Palmer, RADCOM, Hydreka and Palintest, we provide customers a total solution on water supply, waste water treatment and Environment protection. Our products include:
  1. Multilog GSM Logging system which is a convenient method for fast establishment of remote network monitoring system on network parameters like flow and pressure.

  2. Permalog system is an intelligent leakage alarming system for active leakage management to greatly reduce NRW

  3. portable water quality laboratory, multi-parameter water quality photometer, COD detector, residual chlorine detector, swimming pool water quality monitoring equipment, boiler and cooling water quality testing equipment, soil testing equipment, and so on. our study on the demand for services, including users, project design and implementation, professional training and other services.
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