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AP-I is a high performance digital measurement equipment for locating the alignment and depth of buried underground cables and pipelines. By adopting the most recent microcomputer and digital correction technologies, AP-I simply gets its work done with accurate and consistent results.

Built for Quality - Low MTBF

AP-I is built for practical intensive use on site, with very low MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). This reduces interruption to project and working progress.

Designed for practical site works

 •  High accuracy up to 2.5%
 •  Triple depth detection up to 12m
 •  Maximum 10W high signal power output
 •  Dual frequency transmission for best results in inconsistent situation
 •  Automatic impedance coupling for best signal transmissions
 •  4 antenna design
 •  Differential coils technology to reduce interference
 •  Search and select of best suited frequency in radio mode
 •  Depth reference in Radio and Power mode
 •  Current measurement display with depth
 •  Integrated backlight for night works
 •  Error protection function
 •  100% design and made in Japan

Data logging

 •  data logging for up to 400 points
 •  record number display, helping on site marking and paper records
 •  data and time stamp (real time clock)
 •  quick one touch operation
 •  export to PC
 •  optional GPS integration

Robust and durable for daily on site use

 •  Rough design for field works, 1m drop protection
 •  IP 54 water proof
 •  Long battery life
 •  external DC input option for transmitter

Compass indications

There are 3 kinds of orientation indication

1. horizontal compass shows the leveling of the locator
2. target compass indicate the orientation of the target line
3. direction compass indicate the position of the target line

Submersible Flexi-clamp

1. Submersible Flexi-clamp for applying signal on partially exposed targets or under water

2. The Flexi-clamp is designed for stable operation even on high voltage cables

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