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Smart water lets your data flow

We know that water conservation and asset management are top priorities for your utility. Sensus smart water will help you reduce non-revenue water and drive more revenue from the investments you’ve already made in your distribution system.

Our smart water system combines advanced sensors, software and services with the FlexNet® communication network to enable better management of your public service.

Measure smarter

Preventing non-revenue water loss caused by meter inaccuracy can recover lost revenue and deliver more accurate billing.

Learn why The City of Fairmont, WV implemented AMI

Communicate better

FlexNet, our expandable communication network, lets you collect data from many endpoints to detect and pinpoint issues throughout your water system.

How can data make water utilities smarter? More efficient?

Analyze easier

Sensus analytics are configurable, intuitive and insightful. We help you resolve problems faster to improve efficiency and customer service.



 Improve revenue and efficiency

Our smart water system lets you measure pressure, temperature, level, flow, status and more. From water leaks to un-metered water and inaccurate billing, we offer a range of measurement, communication and analytics solutions to improve the accuracy of your water system.

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