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Pressure Transient Data Logger
Pressure Transient is a specialised data logger for monitoring rapid pressure changes in water pipe systems. (eg Water Hammer) It is supplied in portable mode only. Pressure Transient Loggers are completely waterproof, submersible and battery powered and will require no maintenance for at least five years.
Pressure transient spikes are a major cause of bursts and the associated expense of repair, water lost and interruptions to supply. Conventional loggers do not log rapidly enough to identify these transients which often last only seconds...

Typical Applications
Water Hammer Investigations
Pressure Transient Logger is ideal for monitoring pressure waves generated by Pumps, Pressure Reducing Valves and other valves in pipe systems.

Advanced Design
Pressure Transient Logger is supplied with one input for an external pressure transducer. Alternative pressure transducers can be supplied for special applications.
External pressure sensors should preferably be located within 10 metres of the logger.
Specialist “Transient View” analysis software capable of windowing down to one sample.
All of Radcom's data loggers and controllers are compatible with Radlog for WindowsT, the industry-standard for data trending, reporting, analysis and archiving.

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