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The MALA Easy Locator, the standard Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system for utility locate professionals worldwide.

The MALA Easy Locator system is priced well below other systems and virtually redefines GPR for everyday locators that need to find non-metallic utilities and perform surveys for unknown buried objects and utilities.

The system includes an easy user interface with almost complete automation of settings whereby the operator provides minimal input to begin collecting data. Portability is unmatched in both weight and ease of disassembly for transport between projects.

These all important features mirror those locate professionals are accustomed to using on standard pipe and cable locators.

Easy Locator is typically used for:

    • Detection of cables and pipes
    • Detection of pvc-pipes
    • Detection of underground storage tanks
The MALA Easy Locator includes an integrated but modular control unit and monitor. The control unit is mounted directly to the antenna (transducer) of your choice and powered internally. It is compatible with two antennas "Mid" or "Shallow" to cover most utility locate situations.

The detachable control unit automatically detects the selected antenna and defaults to the appropriate data collection settings. Simply remove the handles with the monitor attached and collect data with either antenna.

Adjustable height of the wheels in combination with the option to pull the MALA Easy Locator backwards improves access to rough terrain and loose soils such as sand. You can also configure your MALA Easy Locator with the option Rough Terrain, see options below.

MALA Easy Locator benefits:
    • The robust system is priced well below other system on the market
    • Easy to use, no radar expertice required. Intuitive push-turn knob
    • Lightweight and rugged design
    • Available in nine different languages (english, french, italian, spanish, german, swedish, norweigan, russian and chinese)
A MALA Easy Locator system includes:
    • Control unit
    • High brightness color Monitor, see Modules below
    • Easy to use Software Interface
    • Basic Cart system which can be replaced by the MALA RTC (Rough Terrain Cart), see Modules below
    • Ethernet data cable
    • Lithium-Ion Battery
    • Battery charger
    • Operator's manual

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